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LJ John Rzeznik: lmao i update your journal more than you do

Hey it's Justin WORD. Looks like it's time to update the journal again OLD SCHOOL. Well, let me tell you how my life's been lately CRUNK. I've mostly been slumming in LA because of my surgery and because some of my favorite people live here WORD. I spent part of last weekend with Lance and John, and we all got pretty trashed playing the On the Line drinking game OLD SCHOOL. Challenge for the Children is coming up, but I'm not sure if I'm going or not because I am a hotshot solo artist who hates everyone in my group and likes the idea of making them all wait around for me in case I ever stoop so low as to be in Nsync again CRUNK. Of course, they all wanted to go on without me, except for one of them who refused to be in the group unless I was there with them WORD. I bet it was Lance who held out, and probably only because now he doesn't have to work, he just gets to go to parties and watch people open envelopes OLD SCHOOL. James and I just had our nine month anniversary on Wednesday and we celebrated by getting married at a drive-through chapel in Vegas CRUNK. Just kidding, but we get a head start on the consummation part of things, if you get what I'm saying WORD. And now I'm in the UK, and I'm going to have some crumpets and tea and just kick it with my boyfriend OLD SCHOOL, so stay CRUNK, and spread the WORD, that this is Timberlake Out!

harajuku justin: I like the Simpsons theme!
LJ John Rzeznik: LMAO
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