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all the best DJs are saving their slowest song for last

I spent the better part of last week in the company of one of the most delightful people I've ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Marla and I took over New York City, one flannel shirt at a time, and now she's in LA and I couldn't be happier to get to spend more time with her. We went for drinks with the dreamysighful Dan Estrin last night and had a great time. Today we filled our afternoon with squirt guns and water noodles after I got back from this morning's round of Alpha Dog re-shoots. I have to share her with her parents tomorrow, but we have big plans for the near future. Every now and then someone comes into your life and you know almost instantly that they're going to change it for the better, and that's the kind of person Marla is. I've been fortunately lucky throughout the past year to have made so many constantly amazing friends, and to have kept my bonds with the ones I've been fortunate enough to have for longer. I may not always show it, but I'm very grateful.

There's been a series of rewrites and subsequent re-shoots for Alpha Dog due to the recent developments in the Jesse James Hollywood case, and I have so much admiration for Nick Cassavetes for fighting so hard to get this project off the ground. It's been as great of an experience the second time around as it was the first, and I'm happy to surround myself with so much talent. I'm still a little awe-struck by this whole process, but it gets a little more comfortable with each new day. It's pretty hard to experience the magnitude of film creation on the set of Model Behavior :-[

Happy birthday, Tom Welling! Our one conversation was one of the best that I've had in a while. If I can ever work up the courage I will stop in and say hi :-[ I hope you are having a wonderful day :-*
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