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Hi this is Justin, because duh who else would be updating my journal for me? I wrote a short article about Al Green that appears in the current issue of Rolling Stone, but I neglected to mention that the best thing about Al Green is that he was in On the Line, aka best movie ever. I was also on SNL this past Saturday, hope you caught it suckas. And I'm going to be in Die Hard 23984798324 because Bruce Willis is my sugardaddy and he loves me, as he should. I'm taking over the world, bitches, see ya on the way down like the Ryan Cabrera song, and by the way if you haven't picked up that album, go do it right now.

Another installment of John Rzeznik Updates For Justin (tm), as first showcased in my last post. I'm considering hiring John to write all of my updates from here on out, because not only is he likely a better me than I am, but we all know he's a poor, floundering artist and could use the money ;)

I almost feel like using a cut tag for this because the only things I really have to say that wouldn't be a reiteration of how happy I've been are mostly career-related things. The Elton John project is still up in the air, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out in my favor. Alpha Dog is likely going to have to go through a series of re-shoots now that Jesse James Hollywood has been captured, so that's pushed the release date back some, if not indefinitely. I'm not sure if Edison is ever going to see the light of day, as there's been some problems with the funding. And as John said, I'm in talks right now to play Bruce Willis' son in Die Hard 4. I'm excited to take on the project but I'm also not quite sure that Justin Timberlake and action movies are ready to go hand in hand. I'm still on somewhat shaky ground when it comes to being sure of myself as something other than a musician. I'm filled with trepidation and the longer these films I've done get pushed back, the more anxious I become.

I recorded another song with the Black Eyed Peas that's going be on their new album. I'm itching to complete work on my second album but at the same time it's been nice to still be involved with music but not be the focus of it. I'm working on starting up my own record label and this is a project I have high hopes for so I hope it finds success in getting new and promising talent out there. I was on SNL last Saturday and Jimmy Fallon and I did another Barry Gibb Talk Show skit. What I absolutely love and absolutely hate about Jimmy as Barry Gibb is that he never, ever fails to make me laugh on live television. I think that's all. That wasn't too bad, and hey, it took up some update space ;)

James and I are bound for the UK this Saturday. He'll be filming a movie and I get to tag along and eat truffles all day. Sigh what could be better? I went surfing with Sanoe and Marla the other day. I dragged James along and Marla and I decided he should rate our falls with scorecards. We ate Gelato on the beach and built sandcastles and I wrote JUSTIN <3's JAMES in the sand with a big stick. It reminded me a lot of the first days James and I were together on the beaches of Inverness and I couldn't help but smile the whole day to be in such good company.
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