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Hi, it's Justin again. You may remember me from my stint on the Mickey Mouse Club or the years I spent as part of the pop sensation *Nsync, along with this wonderful guy named Lance and three other people. You probably don't remember me from my brilliant guest appearances in the movies Longshot and On The Line, but I'll never forgive you if you don't go out and rent Model Behavior right away. And I'm sure you've at least passingly familiar with some of my solo music. Of course, you probably just remember me from being on your friends list, but it's been nearly four weeks since my last update, so I wanted to make sure I was still familiar to you, gentle friend.

Now I will update you on my life. I've spent a lot of lazy time with my boyfriend, a certain James Franco. We're slowly planning an elaborate wedding that will rival the purposed Affleck-Lopez shindig that was, tragically, never to be. I don't want to give away too many of the bells and whistles, but I can tell you this: there will be flamingos.

Last week, I attended an impromptu bash at the residence of John Rzeznik and Lance Bass, Esq., to celebrate the anniversary of the nascence of the lovely and talented Amanda Latona, one of the backup dancers from the "I Want You Back" video, as performed by *Nsync. Much merriment was to be found, and I drank liberally of the proffered ale.

And in conclusion, many happy returns, belated as they may be, to one Matt Nathanson. A more genial fellow I have never known, and I wish him much health and goodwill in the years to come.

I don't know why I'm talking in such a manner today. Yo.
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