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Things I find likable on a day like today:

Sleeping in.

Apple Jacks and Cap'N Crunch with extra cold milk.


Matt Nathanson's mood theme.

Templeton and Gretchen*.

Everyone at Sanoe's house**.

Michelle and omelets, together and separately.

The Carlson twins showing up on my friends page.

McDonalds super size drinks for $0.59.

That Howie Day's cover of 'Wonderwall' is still just as good after the 498732589675th listen.

Eating red gummy bears over the webcam with Sanoe.

Getting to hear the sound-clips JC sent me from his new album which is going to be absolutely fantastic.

The fact that my number wasn't in Paris Hilton's t-Mobile sidekick because obviously she must know it by heart ;)

I heard 'Signs' on the radio.

John and Lance calling just to say hi.

The Easy Mac commercial that always reminds me of Seth.

Afternoon naps.

I got to talk to Tom Welling last week :-[

That I haven't seen any of the griping over the MBP awards firsthand.

Watching The Simple Life on the TiVo.

Reese's peanut butter Easter eggs.

That this update is strange and pointless but I kind of like it anyway.

* = James and I decided to name the pig Sanoe gave me for my birthday after Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls but I had to drop the Wieners because I thought it was mean to give a pig Wiener for a second name.

** = generalization because it's hard to keep track of who comes and goes :-[
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