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so why don't we go somewhere only we know

Six months ago I stepped off of a plane and into your arms. You wore glasses simply because you remembered that I had told you how amazing I thought you looked in them. You took my bags, held the door for me and confirmed what I already knew: you truly are the classiest of gentlemen. You buckled in beside me and we shared our first kisses to Prince's 'Purple Rain'. You felt so surreal then, almost untouchable, like I was living inside of a dream I didn't quite deserve. Even the minutest details of those first days together are forever etched into my memory. You sparked something to life inside of me that had died someplace along the way. I won't quote films at you and tell you that you had me at hello, but it goes something like that. I was captivated by you from the first moment we ever spoke to one another. Your infectious laughter and passionate character stirred within me the first inklings of what would unquestionably become my vast, encompassing and unconditional love for you. I measure our love not in time spent, but in you, and in me. Counting the days and marking off dates on the calendar never fails to make me smile, if only for longevity's sake and the simplicity in it, but it isn't definitive to us or the ways that we love each other. If anything, it gives me another excuse to kiss you hello in the morning. I adore you. Thank you in advance for dinner.

I'm not going to campaign in any particular way, but I am going to encourage everyone to head on over to mbp_awards_2005 and vote, vote, vote.

Happy birthday jensen_ackles! I hope you have a wonderful day <3
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