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I haven't always been everything that you deserve. As far as relationships go, I've never been with somebody like you -- you're smart and self-assured and clever and you have a heart more compassionate and loving than anyone I know. You took me by surprise and something that I love so much about us is that you're the most comfortable and familiar thing in my life and yet you always manage to catch me off guard. You leave me excited and breathless for everything that's waiting just around the corner. Every day with you is an adventure.

I thought about today and all of the things that I wanted to say to you. I know that I don't possess your gift for words, but what's comforting to me is that even if I can't always say it, you know what's in my heart. You make me feel like I deserve the things that you do for me and the ways that you love me. I haven't always been used to that. Thank you for showing me, every single day, that love doesn't always have to feel like such a one-way street.

I know that you aren't terribly passionate about Valentine's Day, and you're right. Love should be celebrated all the time, not just on a day set aside by card and candy corporations. Still, I wanted you to have something today, if only in the spirit of things. You're my lover, my best friend, my everything. Thank you for every single moment I get to share with you. I love you, James.

Thank you, also, for being my Valentine.

Happy Valentine's, everyone. I hope it was enjoyable, however you spent it.
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